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Dr. Blum was appointed a fellow at Harvard University's Center for Public Leadership where she offers  study sessions on Self Defined Leadership.





A Critical Dimension in Leadership Development

You’ve been working your way through the leadership maze for some time now. You’ve read the books. Attended some seminars. And grown in your leadership skills. But you still keep finding yourself back in many of the same old places as a leader – dealing with the same issues and making some of the same mistakes. 

It is critical to know who we are from the inside–out.  It is also essential to become aware of how we have been – and are – influenced by group history and dynamics.  The impact of our most primary group, our family, is often ignored as we explore our leadership roles.  Instead of simply focusing on leadership skills, Self=Defined Leadership programs help participants delve deeper into the factors that influence their leadership style and learn techniques for overcoming the obstacles that keep them from truly succeeding.

Ever wonder why certain types of people set your teeth on edge? Why a colleague feels like your step-dad? What role did you have growing up? - the smart one, the lazy one, the shy one, the independent one? Learn how your family experiences and history influence you today.

Transform Your World View and Create New Possibilities

Self=Defined Leadership

The concepts learned in Self Defined Leadership programs empower us to choose effective strategies in the present. Outcomes of the programs include: 


A New Understanding of Systems

Effective leaders are aware of the systems around them – how their organization is functioning, the external influences on the organization and the role of individuals - and oneself -  within the whole system.  This gives them the information they need to make reasoned decisions about how to act and how to improve the organization. Self=Defined Leadership invites you to explore the dynamics of teams and the systems theories behind it.


Insights into Family Dynamics

We inherit our views about the world, expectations, roles and much more from our family.  Yet, we are never invited to examine the details of our inheritances.  Our loyalty to our family often keeps us locked in roles that are not necessarily to our advantage.  Analyzing the rich heritage and learnings from our family creates opportunity for new understanding ( often many “Aha” moments) and a freedom to define ourselves. Self=Defined Leadership programs use a unique tool called a genogram to accomplish multigenerational explorations.


Enhanced Emotional Intelligence

Leadership is not just about a technical competence but instead one’s emotional IQ. The concepts in the self defined leadership program all lead to an enhancement of one’s emotional intelligence. We can better manage ourselves and our relationships with others when we understand how people interact (systems) and how we are programmed to react (self.)


Increased Sensitivity to Diversity

Leaders must also acknowledge and appreciate diversity.  Being led to think about systems and one’s family of origin creates an opportunity to understand the diversity of cultures and experiences that others bring to their roles.  This opportunity enhances team work through promoting interpersonal respect and clarity in relationships.






How do I find out more?

Variations of the Self=Defined Leadership programs are conducted by Marjorie Blum, Ph.D. in both public and academic settings. 

To request additional information about how you can attend an upcoming workshop or schedule a workshop at your company or university, fill out our contact request form by clicking here.


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"The leadership community is just now discovering how powerfully family history and dynamics nourish -- and sometimes limit -- the capacity of men and women to lead others.  Dr. Marjorie Blum is one of the nation's foremost thinkers about this critical area of understanding and managing oneself -  in organizations and other systems.  As a psychologist with a thriving clinical and coaching practice, she is now offering to share this knowledge with organizations and rising leaders.

Dr. Blum is filling a critical gap, helping to bring the insights of psychological research into leadership practice.  I discovered for myself just how helpful she could be to rising leaders when I invited her to work with my students at the Kennedy School; they were so appreciative of and impacted by her work that I have invited her to return -- and often."


David Gergen
Director, Center for Public Leadership
Kennedy School of Government
Harvard University    

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