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"Leadership is autobiographical.  If I don't know your story, I don't know a thing about you as a leader." 

Tichy, 2001



Self=Defined LeadershipTM Programs

The Self=Defined Leadership concept was developed by Dr. Marjorie Blum. Dr. Blum is a pioneer in integrating the the self knowledge required for successful leaders with Systems and Family psychology. Through the combination of her leadership workshops,  small group coaching,  and individual development of a genogram, interested parties have been able to examine their professional and personal behavior and chart a path for excellence in leadership and personal success.

Programs can be customized to your specific needs. Fast track or in-depth workshops, seminars for large or small groups, individual coaching and follow-up sessions can be executed. Look for on-line resources in the near future.



Organized as a full day or two half days, the Self=Defined Leadership Workshop is our most popular program. Email us for a sample agenda at info@selfdefinedleadership.com.

Private Consultation

Private coaching sessions are tailored to your specific issues and needs. In a private session, we can focus more thoroughly on your family history and create action items toward achieving personal goals.


Fast Track Workshops

Need just an overview of the Self=Defined Leadership programs? We can provide a taste of what we have to offer at a lunch and learn style event.



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