Dr. Marjorie Blum

Welcome to the Self Defined Leadership blog.  As a family and systems psychologist,  I will be sharing unique ideas about leader development and leadership wisdom.

To be a leader in any setting, it is critical to know who we are – from the inside-out.  Our personal history shapes and guides us.  The impact of our most primary group, our family, is often ignored as we explore our leading roles.  We lead most effectively when we have looked as the “invisible” beliefs, dynamics and roles “inherited” from our unique families.   And then challenge ourselves to determine what is true for us today and what we need to alter.  Leadership requires skills, of course, but identifying our “self” is core to confident, effective leadership.

I look forward to your comments as well.   Please feel free to share.

For information about this unique approach to leader development, please visit our website, www.selfdefinedleadership.com.  There you will find information on our programs and coaching offerings.


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